Software designed for wholesale food & beverage businesses

Foodstack's wholesale food & beverage business software streamlines customer ordering, invoice generation, payments and more for small to medium sized food businesses – all in one place.

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Centralize your wholesale operations

We've taken the wholesale functions you perform on a weekly basis with your food business and have unified them in one dashboard. Foodstack powers the wholesale operations of coffee roasters, farms, bakeries, and distributors intent on simplifying their software stack.

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Picture of Foodstack wholesaler dashboard showing the wholesale Orders tab.
Fully integrated


Connect with Quickbooks

Automatically send and retrieve order, payment, customer, and product data to and from your Quickbooks account.

Offer seamless payment

Accept credit cards and ACH or extend payment terms. Foodstack also supports sending Quickbooks invoices.

Invite-only storefront

Offer access to your storefront only to your wholesale customers with their own login credentials.

No costly add-ons

We don't sell you on costly add-ons or lock you out of using the full range of features in Foodstack.

Manage with the team

Invite your entire team, set roles, and manage wholesale orders as a team while staying on the same page.

And much more!

Invite the team. Foodstack is a fully unified set of tools built to handle everything from selling online to collecting payments.

Why Foodstack

Rethinking wholesale software for small
food & beverage businesses

It has historically been the case that in order to run your wholesale operations, a food business must either purchase a costly ERP system (overkill) or resort to manual processes using a mix of pen & paper, excel sheets, e-mail, phone, and Square or Shopify storefronts (and buy their add-ons!) to sell their goods to their wholesale customers.

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Foodstack is built from the ground up for food & beverage businesses with wholesale operations. From small businesses just getting their start to growing businesses opening up their first wholesale distribution warehouse – Foodstack offers a flexible yet powerful platform that eases running your wholesale operations.